Yung Bleu Shows Thief Trying To Steal Rolls Royce, Issues Warning

No matter the lengths they go to in order to protect the locations of their homes, celebrities and influencers can’t dodge thieves and intruders. We recently reported on a man breaking into Drake’s home—a violation that isn’t the first for the Toronto icon. Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande have had several issues with people sneaking onto their properties, sometimes with weapons, and we’ve repeatedly reported on rappers and their associates becoming victims of home invasions. Some of those instances have turned deadly. Yung Bleu is the latest rapper who almost became a victim of theft after he shared surveillance footage showing someone attempting to drive off with his Rolls Royce.Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty ImagesThe brief clip doesn’t have any sound, but in the grainy black and white video, viewers can see a figure getting into the vehicle. They then try to execute a three- or four-point turn to get out of the large driveway, however, something seemed to frighten the alleged thief because they abruptly jumped out of the car and made a run for it.Over on Twitter, Bleu penned a message to people looking to steal from his home.”I’m not no gangster. But y’all ‘jack boys’ Come try take sum while I’m home , dnt wait till I’m on tour,” Bleu tweeted. “Security might let u live [shrug emoji] but y’all no I’m not . Ask the last n*ggas who tried to take some from me how that went. Y’all ain’t got as much heart as y’all pretend to have.”Check it out below.

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