YSL Alleged Co-Founder Turns Himself In On RICO Charges: Report

A person that the state claims is a co-founder of Young Slime Life has turned himself in on RICO charges, WSB-TV Atlanta reports. Walter Murphy was among the 28 individuals named in the RICO indictment against YSL, alongside both Thug and Gunna. However, Walter is reportedly not in contact with any one of the members. Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty ImagesHe denied that YSL was a is a street gang, describing it as “a record label or a family.” He added that he was a tour manager for the label in its early stages. The past connection to the label ultimately led to his inclusion in the indictment. He already pled guilty to the crimes he’s accused of committing. Murphy was charged with one count of RICO conspiracy but he’s accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and an attempted murder involving four different people over the course of three years.However, Murphy’s attorney Jacoby Hudson said that his client took an Alfred Plea, meaning that he pled guilty for reduced charges. Murphy explained that he already paid his debt to society. “I spent seven years in prison,” Murphy said. “While I was in prison, you know, I stayed out of they way and I just got my GED, completed all my classes, completed the transitional center. I transitioned back into… the world. I got me a job at the transitional center.”Hudson revealed that prosecutors tried to convince Murphy to cooperate against alleged YSL members, which he declined. He was released on parole earlier this year. [Via]

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