Young Dolph’s Posthumous Single “Hall Of Fame” Drops On His Birthday

It’s been roughly nine months since Young Dolph was tragically shot and killed in Memphis. Today marks what would’ve been his 37th birthday. While fans, friends and family have kept his name alive, there haven’t been many updates in recent times about the release of posthumous music. However, his estate unveiled a new single this morning titled, “Hall Of Fame” to commemorate his birthday. Dolph takes on opulent string-laden production on his new single, detailing his legacy and the unmatched hustle that turned him into a posterchild for independent rap. “I remember back when I had nothing so yeah, I’mma ball ’til the end/ I remember I stacked my first 100 bands, I said I finna do this again,” he raps on the record.Check out “Hall Of Fame” below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.Quotable LyricsShowed up plain jane Rolex, had a meeting with Roc NationBut they got ’bout 4, 5, 6 rap n***as over there, they be hatin’But I still fuck with Jigga, tell him I got $2 million for himTo do a verse, and if he don’t, I still got love for himCuz went to college hoopin’, stayin’ in a dormI was still at mama’s house sleepin’ on the floor

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