Young Dolph Mural Vandalized In Memphis: Watch

Young Dolph’s death last year sent shockwaves through the hip hop community. The Memphis rapper was remembered fondly by everyone from Lebron James to Rick Ross, who claimed losing Dolph and Nipsey Hussle was like losing Tupac and Biggie.It seems like two people have little respect for the late rapper, however. On Thursday, Fox13 Memphis reported that a mural dedicated to Young Dolph in his hometown of Memphis had been vandalized. The two vandals were caught on tape.The mural was commissioned by Dolph’s family and the Ida Mae Foundation. Work on it began four months ago as local artist Cameron Hill started painting the tribute at King Of Discounts Mini Mart in South Memphis. On Tuesday, Hill took a break from the project after getting some hurtful messages. “I started receiving hateful messages, hateful phone calls, so I paused for a day,” the artist told Fox13.Of course, Hill is saddened by the vandalizing. The artist had hoped to have the mural complete by what would have been Dolph’s 37th birthday on July 27, but now that timeline has been disrupted. On Instagram, the artist posted images of the defaced mural, along with a defiant caption. “SMH,” he wrote. “Money has been spent on the project from the foundation and everything just to have a group of hating individuals come and destroy what I was working on.”Hill claims to know who the vandals are. “The certain group of individuals have been trying to ruin my art career and tarnish my name since last year,” he explained. “I have been harassed and also threatened for the last two or three days for trying to do something for the foundation and to make the community look better. I have been getting calls and text from different numbers from people trying to plot on me. They have been sending people up there to try to intimidate me and spy on me.” Even with this setback, however, Hill has not been dissuaded, writing, “I’m a king and I’m going to conduct myself as such. One thing for sure I don’t fear no man and I’m not going to tuck my tail and run. I stand on what I believe in.”Check out his post below. [via]

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