YBN Nahmir Raps About Alabama On New Track “Where I’m From”

YBN Nahmir has gone through some ups and downs over the last few years. After dropping a heavily panned album during the pandemic, Nahmir is looking to redeem himself by going back to his Birmingham, Alabama roots. Nahmir knows the city has some great sonic ideas, and with his latest string of singles, he has been showcasing just how great the city is. With his latest track “Where I’m From,” Nahmir continues to put on for his city as he offers up some new flows that fit the sinister production perfectly. In the music video, Nahmir can be seen hanging out with the youth of the neighborhood, which is yet another example of how Nahmir has completely embraced his hood. It’s a nice change of pace for the artist and fans are definitely excited about his new sound.Let us know what you think of YBN Nahmir’s latest effort, in the comments section down below.Quotable Lyrics:On the block, might die wit’ a stick (Stick)One call and the car gettin’ flippedNew FN with the blue on the tipNeck so heavy can’t rock it out (Can’t rock it out)

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