Xzibit Responds To His Wife’s Claim He’s Hiding Millions: “There Will Be Blood” On Her Hands

Xzibit has joked about his failed marriage, but now it looks like he’s not laughing. On Sunday, Xzibit’s estranged wife, Krista Joiner, claimed that the rapper was hiding millions in cash in various vaults. She went on to allege that Xzibit was lying about having run into financial struggles, and that his weed business was doing just fine.Xzibit isn’t happy with what Joiner’s had to say. In a pair of Instagram posts, Xzibit laid into his wife, as well as his brother, Jason, who Joiner says was the source of her information. “It is not the lie that bothers me,” one of Xzibit’s posts read. “It’s the insult to my intelligence that I find offensive.” He captioned the post simply, “#this.” Jerritt Clark/Getty Images In another post which he has since deleted, Xzibit got even more heated. He called his estranged wife’s claims “bulls**t” and warned that “there will be blood” on her hands for what she’s said. He went on to say that Joiner and his brother “outdid” themselves. He also refuted Joiner’s claim that he doesn’t take care of his child. In her court documents, she had said that she has to beg Xzibit for money for gas, food, haircuts for their son, and even their son’s inhaler.Joiner alleged that Jason claimed Xzibit earned about $1 million a month from his marijuana companies. Jason also added that he had personally stored $20 million for his brother in massive vaults, and was on call to get Xzibit cash whenever he requested it. Check out Xzibit’s response to the allegations below.[via]

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