Woman Caught On Camera Hurling Racial Comments At A Restaurant

A woman dubbed “California Karen” is now under fire for spewing racial comments at a DJ who filmed her screaming at a Santa Barbara restaurant. The video has since gone viral during which “Karen” made the remark to a man that he was “one of four black people in Santa Barbara.” The video has garnered more than 10K views and even hit international headlines since Tuesday afternoon (May 24). The DJ filming the incident, Ian Soleimani, captioned the clip, “Sooo this just happened @sb_boathouse, Santa Barbra needs to do better. Almost lost my sh*t.” The footage took place in the Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach, where the woman can be seen berating a restaurant manager over an unpaid check. The altercation happened after the woman allegedly tried to pay her bill with PayPal after her credit card was declined, according to a Reddit thread. The restaurant then confiscated her ID and told her to come back the next day with a proper payment method. The unnamed woman immediately began to overreact. “It was paid, though, ma’am, and you rejected the payment,” the woman said in the clip. Things escalated after she noticed Soleimani filming her, and proceeded to hurl racial comments at him. “Excuse me, sir. Hi, one of four black people in Santa Barbara,” she said. “Oh, now I’m a racist, terrible person, sorry, just because you’re an obnoxious guy. It’s not your fault that you’re black, of course. Just obnoxious.” She added, “I’m against obnoxious people to be clear, not against the black people.”Though her identity has yet to be confirmed, it won’t be long until it’s confirmed. [Via]

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