Westside Boogie Talks Unrequited Love On “Nonchalant”

Westside Boogie’s new album “More Black Superheroes” is finally here, and fans are eating it up. Even Eminem has high praise for the project, saying, “He’s got so much of his life weaved in this album… I think that it’s therapeutic.”Westside has a lot on his mind on the record, and on “Nonchalant,” the third song off the album, he focuses on a relationship plagued by playing games. The song details the pains of a cat-and-mouse romance. “I called you up, you hit me with the nonchalant thing / I don’t even think you want me,” explains the chorus. The beat is understated and mellow, comprising a simple beat and a collection of quietly strummed guitars. Taken together, the instrumentation hits a tone of melancholy love. Mamii’s feature fits in nicely with the song’s sound, her vocals providing the hook as well as harmonizing with many of Boogie’s bars.Check out the song below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments. You can also check out our coverage of other tracks off the new album, “Killa Mode” and “Can’t Even Lie.”Quotable LyricsShe into crystals to releaseAnd meditation at the beachI’m into actin’ like a thiefAnd comin’ takin’ all that peaceHow many bodies do you got on the North side?Hope when I bring you ’round my homies it’s your first time

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