Warren Moon Thinks Raiders Have A Plan For Colin Kaepernick

Hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon speculates that the Las Vegas Raiders could utilize QB Colin Kaepernick in similar QB packages that were used with Cam Newton and Tim Tebow in the past, during an interview with TMZ Sportson Thursday.Sharing his thoughts the day after Kaepernick’s workout with the Raiders, Moon said he did not see the event as a mere publicity stunt from the Raiders organization. Moon says the new head coach of the Raiders, Josh McDaniels, coached Tebow and Newton in specialized dual-threat packages when he coached them on the New England Patriots. McDaniels was the offensive coordinator under Bill Belechick for 14 seasons, and coached Tebow in 2013 and Newton in 2021.”[McDaniels] knows how to work with that type of quarterback,” Moon said. “Maybe there’s a package of plays that he can put in that help the Raiders maybe in game time situations.”The former Houston Oiler added that Kaepernick could bring helpful experience and depth to the Raiders roster.”If you look at the backups they have right now, they don’t have a whole lot of experience as far as game time,” Moon said. “So, I think it makes a lot of sense to bring him in and take a look and see what he’s still got left.”Kaepernick hasn’t played a snap of football in the NFL since 2016, the same year he began kneeling during the National Anthem as a protest to police brutality and a sign of support to the Black Lives Matter movement. Moon says that even if Kaepernick is not signed to the Raiders following this workout, he is hopeful the opportunity will open more doors for the former San Francisco 49er.”The NFL is a copycat league,” Moon said. “They tend to do what other teams do.”[via]

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