Tyson Fury Tries To Kick Taxi After Dispute With Driver

Just a couple of weekends ago, Tyson Fury defeated Dillian Whyte in what was a very good boxing match. Fury ended up taking the win thanks to a knockout and now, it appears as though Tyson wants to retire. He wants to be a family man now which would basically mean a hiatus on his boxing life. The sport can take a lot out of you and at this point, he seems pretty fed up with the sacrifices that are required of a boxer. Having said that, Fury and his friends are enjoying some time in France right now. According to TMZ, Fury was recently in Cannes where he was walking the streets with his buddies. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse as Fury got into an argument with a cab driver in the middle of the street.Gareth Cattermole/Getty ImagesAs you can see in the video below, Fury was being refused service by the cab driver, and this angered the boxer. The altercation lasted for a few moments before the driver attempted to move away from the scene. As he peeled off, Fury tried to chase the car and kick it. The boxer was held back by his friends all while the driver was able to leave successfully.It appears as though there will be no consequences for what happened as it was simply an isolated incident between two disagreeing parties. Aside from this small inconvenience, we’re sure Fury has had himself a wonderful vacation in France.[Via]

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