Twitter Reacts To Ginuwine’s Dance Choreography

When it comes to performing in front of thousands of people, artists do their very best to get the audience amped up. Whether they have to jump into the crowd, take off their clothes, or execute a crazy dance routine, they do whatever is necessary to turn up the energy.That was Ginuwine’s approach, and while it got some excitement from the crowd, social media reacted a different way. While on stage, the 51-year-old did a spin move and jumped into the air while doing a split with his legs. When he landed, the bass to his hit song “Pony” came in, causing the audience to yell in excitement. The moment was captured on camera, and users have been poking fun at the singer for hours.Lil Duval, a comedian known for making jokes at other people’s expense, shared the video with his three million followers and captioned it, “Chris Brown in 20 years.” The post has over one million views and is filled with comments from people reacting Ginuwine’s choreography.One person wrote, “He was about to hit a split but he changed his mind mid-air.” Another one added, “Somebody said the pony is now in the stable.” While many people joked on Instagram, Twitter users chimed in as well, making some hilarious posts about the musician. One person compared him to Columbus Short, the actor who starred in the movie Stomp The Yard, a film revolved around dancing.Check out the clip and tweets below. 

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