Trina Wishes Women In Rap Today Were More “Friendly” With One Another

There were several gems in Trina’s interview with Drink Champs. We’ve highlighted other parts of the conversation involving the Florida icon, but another notable moment was her take on the current state of women in Rap. We’ve seen an influx of female rappers in recent years as a new wave of artists has emerged in Hip Hop and Rap, and Trina knows a thing or two about being a woman in a male-dominated industry. “Girls from Even to Missy, every girl that I engaged [with] in this industry when I started, we all had a connection. We all worked together. We all hung out,” she said.Neilson Barnard / Staff / Getty Images”We was a vibe. And then, that’s how I thought it would always be. So, when it became more girls and people started, now we have 100 girls. Even if you’re signed to a major label, you’re independent, however, it’s so much talent, so much artists… Me personally, I like that.””I feel like, I always wanna see more girls because it’s been male-dominated, and now the girls can get up here and do y’all thing. More for the men to look at, it’s more girls, but this time today, these girls are not as connected. They not as friendly, they don’t want to link up, it’s too much arguing… The jealousy is too much.”Love & Hip Hop Miami fans saw some of this in prior seasons, especially when Trina tried putting together a tour for rising female rappers in Miami. The entire thing ended up being scrapped because the ladies were more interested in having public brawls that working on their music. There has been camaraderie, but it seems Trina was hoping that it would have grown much more by this time. Check out the clip of her Drink Champs appearance below.

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