Trina Speaks On Her Surprise Proposal

In September of last year, Trina revealed to the world that she had gotten engaged. While starring on the hit reality television show, Love & Hip Hop: Miami, fans got an inside look at her relationship with rapper, Ray Almighty. It’s been a year since the news broke, and The Baddest B*tch is still processing the entire ordeal.In a sit-down interview with The Shade Room, the Miami native spoke about how the news of the proposal went down. In all actuality, the 47-year-old had no intentions of airing out her announcement. Social media influencer and life coach, Stormy Wellington, was on Instagram live as Trina was talking in the background– and it slipped out.She told the outlet, “I was working at the radio… and I was talking to my friend on the phone. I didn’t know that I was on live with them. I was talking to him and they were on live, and as soon as I got off the air, it was everywhere.”Prince Williams/Getty ImagesStemming away from how everyone found out, the “Look Back At Me” artist detailed how the event took place. She recalled shooting a music video and being on set until 3 a.m. the next morning. “Right when the video was over,” she started, “that’s kind of when it happened.” When he popped the question, Trina, born Katrina Laverne Taylor, was at a loss for words.”I was like ‘what,'” she told the interviewer. “I didn’t really believe it was happening, I think I was just out of it from the video,” she added. Trina concluded by stating, “It was a real ‘wow’ moment, but it was nice.”

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