Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Get Lovey-Dovey On The Beach

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have been an on-again off-again couple for a few years now. As of late, however, it appears as though the two are doing just fine together and there are very few holes in their relationship. They just had a second child together and with Travis going through it in terms of the Astrofest ordeal, Jenner has been there as his support system.With that being said, it should come as no surprise that the two are looking to get away for a little bit. A lot has been going on, and now, the couple has set sail on vacation where they are spending some time to themselves. Jon Kopaloff/Getty ImagesIn the Instagram post below, you can see that Travis and Kylie have been getting lovey-dovey on the beach. Throughout the set of photos, Travis and Kylie can be seen standing in the sand effectuating a warm embrace with one another. It is clear there is a lot of love here to go around, and the two seem very happy with their current arrangement.Image via InstagramAs for Kylie, she took a set of photos all on her own where she is wearing a gorgeous white dress that matches the scene quite perfectly. Jenner has always had great fashion sense, and this is yet another example of that.Let us know what you think of the couple’s looks, in the comments down below.Image via Instagram 

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