Tiger Woods Joins LeBron James In The Billionaires Club

Golf is one of those sports that is able to make its athletes a whole lot of money. Sure, it might not get the same ratings as the NFL or the NBA, but the prize money for a tournament is off the charts. Not to mention, the endorsement deals are all quite lucrative as guys like Phil Mickelson have made hundreds of millions of dollars.Now, it has been revealed that the sports’ biggest star, Tiger Woods, has officially become a billionaire. According to TMZ, he has made over $1.7 billion throughout his career, and as of right now, his entire net worth is $1 billion. This makes him the latest athlete to hit this mark as LeBron James recently achieved the very same thing.Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesJust like LeBron James, Tiger Woods has achieved plenty of accolades throughout his career. Not to mention, he has a ton of unique endorsement deals that have brought in big money. While he may have lost some of those endorsements after his cheating scandal, he was able to get them back, and now, he is doing better than ever before from a financial standpoint.No matter what, this is a huge accomplishment for Woods and he should definitely be proud of what he has achieved.Christian Petersen/Getty Images[Via]

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