TDE’s Ray Vaughn Sees “Potential” On His New Record

Top Dawg Entertainment’s unveiled a slew of new singles this year, a strong indication that there’ll be a surplus of new music from one of hip-hop’s elite labels. This week, Ray Vaughn slid through with a high-energy banger titled, “Potential.” Instead of delivering an outright showcase of his lyrical prowess, he takes on menacing production with grade-A brags from top to bottom, reflecting on his come up.Ray Vaughn released a 3-song pack in 2021 titled, Peer Pressure, marking his debut on Top Dawg Entertainment. The short EP offered fans a glimpse at his potential, and with the release of his latest single, it could be a sign that he’s preparing to drop a full length in the near future.Check out his latest single, “Potential” below.Quotable LyricsBad bitches next to me now, I got the recipe nowThey see what I’m cookin’, they say I’m good lookin’ but can’t get a text from me nowFull court press, Patek, Patek, I might go Celine a bitchI put on my threats direct and teach my lil’ bros leadership

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