T.I. Speaks On His Son Arguing With Waffle House Workers

Earlier this week, King Harris, son of T.I. and Tiny, got into a verbal dispute with Waffle House employees. What started as an incorrect order led to harsh comments being said and threats being made. The entire incident, which was caught on camera, has been circulating for a while.In the video, the 17-year-old told the staffers to meet him in the parking lot so that they can fight it out. He yelled, “I’m outside, come out and shake some… You still talking inside, though.”After he was handed his food and it was time for him to leave, he made some threats that seemed promising. He said, “Wait till I come back late night– and it’s just you– and I slap you up.”The incident has caught the attention of his father, T.I., and he’s issued a statement on the matter. He went live on Instagram for his 14 million followers and expressed himself. He started by saying, “Me and his uncles, we were perplexed by his necessity to go back and forth with a short ordered cook.”He then went on to question why the worker felt the need to “engage with someone who is at such another level of life.” The father of eight stated that he had to explain to King that not everybody is as happy with their lives as he is. “I had to explain to him,” he started, “that when people are not living the way they hoped they would live… and here you [are] walking in with so much freedom and luxury, people are going to posture themselves a certain way.”Watch his entire rant below. 

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