Swizz Beatz Calls Out Joe Budden For Agreeing With Alicia Keys Slander On Twitter

Joe Budden is a man with no shortage of opinions, and listeners of his will know that he’s gotten in trouble because of this on more than one occasion. Most recently, the 41-year-old joined in on a Twitter conversation about an Alicia Keys song from 2003, “Diary,” with the podcast host agreeing that the R&B star “got cooked” on the track.”Lowkey lol,” Budden wrote in response to the original tweet, which seemingly hypes up Keys’ collaborator, Tony! Toni! Toné!. Of course, the Twitter algorithm loves stirring up drama and ensured that the New York native’s husband, Swizz Beatz came across the slander.Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images”King Knock if all the way off!” he wrote on Thursday evening. “Let’s not do this! I never get into your zones! Leave my wife out of everything but greatness! Please…”Budden has since removed his post, although it seems that a lot of users in the replies agree with his sentiments. “Swizz relax, dude definitely ate her up on her own song!” one person wrote.”I mean he’s not lying. Her background singer ripped her respectfully,” and “Don’t take it personal [Swizz], you sounding like Will,” others wrote. “It’s low-key facts, she went hard on the track, Tony Toni Toné is a legend, he kicked up! That’s the beauty of music. Everybody so sensitive these days over stupid shit!”Someone else pointed out how quickly Budden removed the post, proving that he obviously wanted “0.00” smoke with Swizz. Check out more reactions below, and let us know if you think that Alicia Keys was cooked on “Diary” in the comment section.

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