Styles P Is Tired Of Seeing IG Bots: “Who’s These White Young Ladies?”

As Meta and Instagram continue to ignore requests from users to stop making changes to the platform. Styles P has a question about a nagging problem plaguing the latter. Anyone who uses Instagram knows all about those bots that takeover comment sections of posts or show up in the views of Stories. Most of the time the bots are linked to some form of pornography, and The Lox rapper wanted to know who is responsible for the bot takeover.Styles shared a video where he asked his followers, “Who controls the bots? I need to understand this.”Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images”They have young white women saying and—who’s these young white ladies? Who’s protecting them? These pictures are coming from somewhere. Who’s the bots? This is ridiculous… Who’s doing this? Who’s falling for this?” He then told the “bot controllers” that there need to be “bot couthness,” before pointing out that bot even jump up on posts where people are mourning their loved ones that pass away.In his caption, Styles added:”To any and all bot controllers !! Please .. start practicing bot couth !! Sh*t is outta control .. somebody gonna lose it because of yall!!!! [crying loudly emoji] but I’m dead serious [face palm emoji][shrug emoji] If you point me in the direction of a bot controller .. I may take one for the team and catch an assault 3 …. I wouldn’t throw hands .. but a cobra Kai reverse foot sweep may happen.””Nobody seems to care about the bots. This is what I have to say to the bot controllers: Bot it down. That sh*t is lame, it’s irritating, it’s f*cked up.”Check out his video below.

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