Steve Lacy Unveils New Single “Mercury”

Steve Lacy has seldomly popped out over the past few years. He’s made some cameos on other artists’ records since 2020’s The Lo-Fis but fans have eagerly awaited a new project from The Internet band member. Today, Lacy slid through with his latest single, “Mercury.” The song dives into the sounds of ’60s Brazilian bossa nova and provides the first glimpse of what we can expect from him in the future. “Mercury” also marks his first solo single since 2019.Along with the new single, he announced his forthcoming album, Gemini Rights, set to drop this summer. “The album challenged me to grow on a personal level. It was like everything had to match up energetically. It was a crazy experience, because there was a lot going on. I think it’s a really fun take on heartbreak. It has all the emotions, but it’s almost joking about it,” he told High Snobiety of his forthcoming project.Check out “Mercury” below.Quotable LyricsI’m a myth and a legendWho never winsAnd might not ever play againKeep falling in

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