Stephen A. Smith Rips Draymond Green For “Horrific” NBA Finals

Draymond Green has been awful in the NBA Finals, and he would probably be the first person to tell you that. Of course, he would do so on his podcast, but we digress. No matter what, scoring 17 points in four games all while picking up 18 fouls is no way to play in the Finals. He has been a detriment to his team and in Game 4, Steve Kerr took Draymond out of the game because he was playing so poorly.This is not the type of play you expect from someone like Green, and it’s clear that some kind of mental block is getting in his way right now. Whatever it is, Green is inviting a whole bunch of criticism right now, especially from pundits like Stephen A. Smith.Elsa/Getty ImagesFor instance, on today’s episode of First Take, Smith went off on Draymond for his sloppy play. Smith went so far as to say that this is the worst Finals performance we have ever seen from a starting player. Smith noted that Green has been to the Finals six times in eight years and that at this point, he should know better. Instead, Green is playing undisciplined basketball, and Smith thinks it could very well kill the Warriors when it counts.This is an opinion that is being shared by a whole host of people right now. Green has not been good and if it weren’t for Jayson Tatum’s poor play, he would be all we’re talking about right now.Perhaps in Game 5 tonight, he can turn it all around.

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