Stephen A. Smith Delivers Surprising Wilt Chamberlain Slight

Wilt Chamberlain has some of the craziest stat lines in the entire history of the NBA. He is the only player in the history of the league to notch 100 points in one game and it is a record that will probably never be matched, ever again. For most, he is firmly within the Top 10 greatest players of all-time list, however, the big argument against him was his lack of titles in comparison to someone like Bill Russell, who won a grand total of 11.Today, Stephen A. Smith came through with a Chamberlain take that will definitely get a lot of old heads riled up. It all had to do with the discussion surrounding Steph Curry and whether or not the Warriors star is a top 10 player ever, and if he is, who should come out of the top 10.Rachel Luna/Getty ImagesThat’s when Smith said that it should be Chamberlain, which as you can expect, certainly sent a chill down Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s spine. Smith made note of the fact that Chamberlain was an incredible athlete, however, his inability to win during the era of Bill Russell ultimately brings him down a peg. Smith understands that his feelings on this issue are unpopular, but Smith has never gone along with popular opinions before. Either way, it makes for an interesting debate.Let us know who you think Steph should replace in the Top 10, in the comments section down below.

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