Steph Curry Trolls Celtics Fans With “Ayesha Curry Can Cook” Shirt

Boston Celtics fans are some of the most ruthless in the entire NBA. Their antics can be pretty funny sometimes, however, there are other instances where they are just completely disrespectful. The NBA Finals have been a testament to that, and while Draymond Green has heard it from Boston fans, so have Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha.Ayesha Curry has her own restaurant and is considered to be a pretty great cook. Despite this, Celtics fans taunted Curry and his family last week by putting up signs at local bars and restaurants that simply said “Ayesha Curry Can’t Cook.” The signs were humorous to Celtics fans while others felt they crossed the line.As it turns out, Steph is having fun with it as on Monday night, he taunted Celtics fans with an “Ayesha Curry Can Cook” t-shirt following Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The taunt was certainly deserved as Curry and the Warriors were able to win the game and take a 3-2 series lead. Now, the team will head back to Boston where they can win the title on the Celtics’ home court. These NBA Finals have been very entertaining so far, although the games themselves haven’t been so close. Hopefully, that is going to change in Game 6, as we would love to see a tight game before the Larry O’Brien trophy is given out.Let us know who you think will win, in the comments below.

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