Spice 1 Mocks Funk Flex For Claiming Tupac Was The Reason For Biggie’s Death

Spice 1 had some words for Funk Flex this week during a recent interview with The Art Of Dialogue. The West Coast legend reflected on Funk Flex’s 2017 comments about Tupac Shakur and the role he played in the death of Biggie Smalls.Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty ImagesDuring an emotional rant on Hot 97, Funk Flex claimed that Tupac lied about the shooting at Quad Studios in New York City, which ultimately put a target on Biggie’s back.”People always say why I said it 20 years later, I said it when the f*cking sh*t was going on and Biggie wouldn’t have f*cking died if that n*gga hadn’t had lied,” Flex said. “He lied! And he carried that lie for years. He knew Biggie didn’t set him up. N*ggas shot and killed Big because of what he said.”Spice 1, who had a close friendship with Tupac, called out Flex during his recent interview with The Art Of Dialogue. He explained that he did look up to Funk Flex at one point but was disappointed in the remarks he made about ‘Pac.”Even when Funk Master Flex said that shit about ‘Pac, I had to smash on him. I looked up to Funk Master Flex and I didn’t want to do that but, n***a, you talkin’ about my mothafuckin’ homeboy, n***a. Shut the fuck up. Leave that shit alone. That shit is — both of them is in the grave,” he said, describing Flex’s comments as “opening Pandora’s box.” Spice continues to rail against Flex and started mocking the DJ’s tone when he delivered the infamous speech. “I respected you ’til you did that shit,” Spice concluded.In response, Flex slid into the comment section where he shared eight laughing emojis. 

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