Snoop Dogg Drops “Death Row Summer” Single “Touch Away” Featuring October London

G-funkers all over, get the gin and juice out because the Dogg is back. The prolific Long Beach native has released a new song titled “Touch Away” featuring October London, R&B crooner and frequent Snoop Dogg collaborator (check out their tracks “Go On”, “Revolution”, and “In the Name of Jesus”). The new track also comes with the announcement of a new Snoop Dogg album on the way titled Death Row Summer. The last full-length project we heard from the G-funk rap legend was last year’s BODR, with standout features such as Nas, T.I., and The Game.As one of the artists who dominated West Coast rap starting in the 1990s and brought it to a worldwide audience, Snoop’s legacy and impact as an artist is undeniable. From classic records to Doggystyle to brand deals and a guru-like surveillance of the current hip-hop game, Snoop has done it all. With “Touch Away” and a new album on the way, he is showing that he’s just as capable of doing it again.On this track, Snoop uses plucky synths, shimmering melodies, and a simple kick-clap rhythm that is synonymous with a West Coast groove. London’s smooth and sultry vocals make for a soulful chorus, transitioning us with ease and swagger between Snoop’s trademark cool-as-can-be verses. His flow is untouched on this song, and he switches the flow around the second verse with more dexterity than Snoop has displayed on recent efforts.Backed by classic G-funk synths, soaring high in the mix, Snoop plays the song out by claiming that “We done already took over the Metaverse, so now we back in the universe,” which is one of many sharp lines on the song.In classic Snoop fashion, he also took to Instagram to announce the new album and vibe out to the song. Check out his IG clip and the full new single “Touch Away” below.Quotable LyricsDamn it, and you haters can’t stand itBut can’t do nothing ’cause that’s just how I planned itBack to the back, can’t follow my rap mazeReal hip hop come up out of them wack waysWe ran a whole summer when the foam is sprayedFrom Def Jam back to this Death Row laneAnd now I’m in control so I call the shotsI’m sitting at the table, I run my own labelI-N-D-E-P-I-M-P

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