Skip Bayless Explains Why Warriors Title Needs An Asterisk

Skip Bayless has consistently been one of the biggest haters when it comes to sports talk television. This has made him a polarizing figure in the industry, however, you can’t help but admire his consistency. He helped give us the sports talk landscape we have now and for better or for worse, he changed the game entirely.While Skip can mostly be found hating on LeBron James, Bayless also seems to have smoke for Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors won their fourth title in eight years last week, and Curry won his first Finals MVP. Despite all of these accomplishments, Skip believes they deserve some sort of asterisk. Paul Zimmerman/Getty ImagesIn fact, Skip decided to go off on the championship parade itself, claiming that it made him physically ill.”I didn’t love anything about this parade, it made me sick. The Warriors make me sick. All year long-beloved Steph got more and more showboaty on the floor as he shot a career-worst from 3. And now he belongs in the Top 10?!” Skip asked. “This championship deserves an asterisk for the fraudulent foe they faced in the Celtics.”The Warriors certainly do not care about anything Skip has to say given they just came through with another huge victory. Either way, Skip is meant to instigate, and that is exactly what he is doing here.Let us know what you think of Skip’s take, in the comments below.

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