Skip Bayless Calls LeBron James “Overprotected” & “Under-Criticized”

Skip Bayless is perhaps the biggest and best LeBron James hater on the planet. No one knows how to push an anti-LeBron narrative better than Bayless, and he does it almost every episode of Undisputed. With that being said, no one should be surprised about the things that come out of his mouth, anymore. Skip has always pushed the limits and he certainly loves to say things that are downright just not true.A perfect example of that happened today as he and Shannon Sharpe discussed Kent Bazemore’s recent comments about how LeBron shouldn’t be so heavily criticized for what happened to the Lakers this season. Bazemore believes LeBron did everything he could, and as you can imagine, Bayless took big exception to what was said. Christian Petersen/Getty Images”LeBron James over the expanse of his career has been the most overprotected and under-criticized superstar I have ever encountered,” Bayless said. This is very clearly hyperbole as LeBron is one of the most criticized men on the planet. Everything he does is put under a microscope, and Bayless’ constant infatuation with LeBron is evidence that what he’s saying is just overtly false.Heading into next year, LeBron is going to have to find a way to win three rings in one season, cure cancer, and perhaps even turn water into wine if he truly wants the respect of Bayless. At this point, any such thing is very unlikely.

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