Simone Shontell Is Pleased That She Duped Fans Into Thinking Lil Baby Was Her Baby Daddy

Lately, Lil Baby has been in the media and it’s not for his music. After getting into a shade throwing contest with his baby mother, Jayda Cheaves, on Instagram, he was then accused of being with another rapper’s ex partners.Two of Chief Keef’s baby mothers have accused Lil Baby of having sexual intercourse with them. One, who goes by Slim Danger, claimed Lil Baby didn’t pay her enough in hush money to keep quiet about their affair.Fed up with her claims, he took to Twitter to express his frustrations. He wrote, “Y’all weak a** h*es. Stop using my name for attention! D*m.”Following that drama, Keef’s other ex-partner, Simone Shontell, tagged in to play. She alluded that Slim Danger only outed Baby because she was with him first. She mentioned on her Insta Story, “@slimdanger back. Always wanna claim to f*ck with a n***a after me but don’t ever have receipts.” Simone also went on to post her and the Atlanta rapper’s alleged private messages where he instructed her to “pull up.”In the most recent news of the love triangle, Simone bragged about tricking people into thinking Lil Baby was the father of her child. In text message screenshots she can be seen writing, “I love how everyone thinks I’m his bm… Like yesssssss.” She followed up by saying no one will ever know who her real baby daddy is. If that wasn’t enough, since her story views have gone up, she plans on seizing the opportunity and putting “everybody on.” She’s continued to drag out the drama on her IG stories, sharing a photo of Lil Baby with the caption “That’s my baby” across it, as well as sharing a black screen with the words “Who’s next?” alongside a scheming purple devil emoji. Masika Kaylsha has also been thrown into the mix, with Shontell playing with Fetty Wap’s name as well. It’s getting messy.Check out the DMs and IG stories below.Screenshot via @SimoneShontell IGScreenshot via @SimoneShontell IGScreenshot via @SimoneShontell IGScreenshot via @SimoneShontell IGScreenshot via @SimoneShontell IG

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