Shaq Comes Through With Huge Gesture At New York Restaurant

Shaq made a whole lot of money during his playing career, and in retirement, he has made even more. The man has a plethora of different business endeavors, and there is no doubt that he is worth hundreds of millions of dollars at this point.Having said that, it shouldn’t be too hard for someone to come to the conclusion that he could easily pay the tab of an entire restaurant if he was feeling so generous. After all, nothing feels better than committing a good deed, especially when the people around you least expect it.Arturo Holmes/Getty ImagesAccording to Page Six, that is exactly what Shaq did recently as he was a patron at a restaurant in New York. The NBA legend decided to pay for every single person’s meal, and as it turns out, the bill came to about $25K. Shaq did not stop there as he gave the staff a massive tip that none of them had ever seen before. He even bought them food for their troubles, which is a pretty incredible thing to do as waiting staff is oftentimes underappreciated.The people who benefitted from this act of kindness will certainly never forget it. In a news cycle full of negative stories, it’s always good to see something positive happen.

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