Shannon Sharpe Explains Why Deshaun Watson Had To Take Browns Deal

Over the weekend, the Cleveland Browns were able to officially acquire Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans. At first, it seemed like the Browns wouldn’t be in the running for Watson, as the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints seemed like better options. In the end, however, Watson opted to go with the Browns as they gave him a massive 5-year deal worth $230 million, all of which is guaranteed money.This was a huge surprise to many throughout the league, however, as Shannon Sharpe explained on Undisputed, this is a deal that Watson had to take. At the end of the day, no other team was willing to offer such a stunning contract, especially given Watson’s legal problems. Having said that, it is easy to see why Watson would go with the team no one was expecting.Bob Levey/Getty Images”The Browns made him an offer he couldn’t refuse,” Sharpe explained. “The Falcons & Saints weren’t willing to go where Cleveland did. We haven’t seen anything like this with guaranteed money. $230M, he couldn’t turn that down.”Whether or not Watson is suspended this season, still remains to be seen. Regardless, this is a huge move for the Browns, who will now have to trade QB Baker Mayfield.Stay tuned to HNHH, as we will continue to bring you updates from the NFL world.

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