Shannon Sharpe Delivers Interesting LeBron Vs. KD Hot Take

LeBron James and Kevin Durant are two of the best players in the NBA and they have been rivals since the early 2010s. Even today, these two are seen as the best two players in the entire league, which just goes to show their longevity. Just yesterday, it was announced that KD was named to the All-NBA Second Team while LeBron made the All-NBA Third Team.This latest announcement has brought forth some debates, and today on Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe came out and delivered a hot take on the situation. As you can see below, Sharpe praised LeBron, saying “He should’ve been higher. KD and Bron should flip spots.”Sharpe thought that LeBron had a better individual season than KD, although as you can imagine, Skip Bayless had a lot to say about that. He hit back at Sharpe saying the rankings were just fine especially since LeBron played on a team that could only muster 33 wins across an 82-game season.”The voters can’t vote a guy in LeBron off a 33-49 team that missed the Play-In any higher. You just can’t make a case for LeBron over Durant,” Skip said. Let us know which analyst you think is in the right, in the comments down below.

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