Sean Leon Speaks On Being A Black Sheep In His Newest Mixtape, “HERD IMMUNITY”

Matthew Sean Leon is a Canadian rapper, singer, and producer. Over the course of his career, the 31-year-old has dropped numerous projects and worked with some of the industry’s greatest artists like Kanye West, Justin Beiber, Daniel Caesar, and others. His sound is unlike any other, as he’s been able to combine elements of hip-hop with genres ranging from funk to house music.On Friday (July 29), the Toronto native dropped his latest project entitled HERD IMMUNITY. According to the tape’s synopsis, Sean used his seven tracks to explain what it’s like for him to be a “black sheep.” He detailed his experiences with women, compared himself to other artists within the music industry, and explained how he knows his worth and will never doubt it.The last record, “BLACK SHEEP OUTRO” consisted of a spoken word being recited from an uncredited artist. “For as long as I can remember,” the voice stated, “I’ve felt like the odd one out. Like I never really fit in… To me, being a black sheep is about challenging the status quo.”In an Instagram post where he promoted his mixtape, he wrote, “I’ve got a lot to say, but let’s live in the moment and save it for later.”Stream the tape on Apple Music or Spotify below.Tracklist1. INTRO2. Y OFC3. PHASES4. DEBIT5. CURBS6. LEGEND, Pt. 17. BLACK SHEEP OUTRO

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