Russell Wilson Surprises Ciara, References Channing Crowder’s Comments: “Stay Squared Up”

He may not have answered Channing Crowder directly, but Russell Wilson seems to have acknowledged the former NFL star’s disparaging remarks. Crowder found himself on the receiving end of backlash in recent months after mentioning Wilson on his Pivot Podcast. It was there that Crowder commented on Wilson being a “square,” adding that Wilson’s wife Ciara was only with him because he has money. Crowder was slammed for not only speaking on the happily in love couple unprovoked but for discounting Ciara’s mega-success that she acquired long before meeting Wilson.Crowder also seemed as if it would be impossible for a woman to move on from Future to Wilson, but he later admitted he shouldn’t have spoken on the singer. However, he double-downed on his remarks about Wilson.Meanwhile, the Wilsons have continued to share their loved-up, intimate moments on social media. The couple have an adorable family as they live lavish, yet humble lives, and Wilson made it clear that he would rather be looked at like a “goofy,” as Crowder called him, than lobe any other life.Wilson shared a video of him surprising Ciara with flowers. The singer was floored as she jumped into her husband’s arms, and in Wilson’s comments, thousands of people praised the couple’s connection. In his caption, Wilson wrote, “Stay Squared Up my friends. #SurpriseSurprise @Ciara.”Check it out below.

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