Russell Wilson Name Drops Ciara During College Commencement Speech

Russell Wilson and Ciara have been going strong for a few years now. The couple has children together and it seems like Wilson is always going out of his way to spoil his queen. In fact, his behavior has led some people to call him “corny” or a “square,” however, he doesn’t seem to care as he continues to do his thing.For instance, Wilson recently gave a commencement speech at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, which is the same school his father graduated from, 45 years prior. According to TMZ, Wilson was quick to name-drop his wife as he said “Thank you very much for that introduction. Usually, I just get introduced as ‘Ciara’s husband,’ so that was cool.” As you can see, Ciara was in attendance and she found it quite funny. Following the jokes, Wilson made sure to get series and offer some words of encouragement to those graduating. As you can see from the full video below, Wilson’s speech was poignant and it just goes to show how great of a leader he is on and off of the football field.”No matter what you do after you leave this campus your life, your legacy, will be defined not by the accomplishments you list on your resumé or the goals you achieve, but by the impact you have,” Russ said.Wilson will be playing with a new team this season, and we’re sure he will be bringing this kind of leadership to the squad. If that’s the case, perhaps the Broncos will find themselves back in the playoffs after a lengthy lay-off.[Via]

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