Rory Farrell Shares “I Want You But You’ll Never Know” Ft. Alex Isley & Shelley FKA DRAM

Since exiting The Joe Budden Podcast, Rory Farrell has been hard at work. Not only has he developed his own podcast with Jamil “Mal” Clay, but Farrell has also been working on music. Last week, it came as a shock to hear that Farrell was crafting a new album, and he gave fans a hint of what to expect by detailing his record-making journey in a video he shared on Instagram.“So much of this album came from conversations we was just having in the studio. It wasn’t really like writing sessions where it was like, ‘Alright let’s just’ sit and do topics.’ We was just having real man-to-man, women-to-women type of conversations,” he said in the video.The clip also featured other professionals and Farrell’s friends previewing the type of discussions that inspired the album. “I’m appreciative of everyone that has kept asking me about this and/or is taking the time now to watch and eventually listen,” Farrell added in the caption. “Yes this is a roll out… yes this is the first episode of a reoccurring content series surrounding my entire album… yes I’m making music… no I’m not rapping or singing… I’m sure most of your questions will be answered as this thing progresses… if not just send me some hateful words in the comments.”For his first single, Farrell has tapped Shelley FKA DRAM as well as Alex Isley for “I Want You But You’ll Never Know.” Check it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts. Rory · I WANT YOU BUT YOU’LL NEVER KNOW… (ft. Shelley FKA DRAM & Alex Isley)

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