Ricky Martin’s Brother Defends Him Against Domestic Abuse Allegations From Nephew

Ricky Martin has been hit with some very serious allegations. Earlier this month, Martin faced a domestic violence restraining order from his nephew. Then, it was revealed that the singer could potentially spend up to 50 years in prison from the incest and domestic violence allegations.But it doesn’t seem like the whole family has taken the side of Ricky’s nephew, 21-year-old Dennis Yadiel Sanchez. Ricky’s brother took to Instagram to warn people not to jump to conclusions about the case.Eric Martin stressed that he was simply on the side of justice and wanted to look at the case objectively, but as his speech went on, it was clear that he was supporting his brother and that he was skeptical of his nephew’s allegations. In the video, Eric claimed that he thinks Sanchez may suffer from mental health problems, an issue which he said he has spoken to Sanchez about directly. Eric also seemed to hint that this isn’t the first time Sanchez has turned against family members, and that Sanchez is estranged from the family.Eric reiterated that just because a protective order has been issued doesn’t mean that it is totally true. Eric also argued that if the allegations are true, society should seek rehabilitation not retribution. According to the restraining order filed, Sanchez “fear[ed] for his safety” and “demonstrated that there is a substantial possibility of immediate risk of abuse.” The petition claimed that Sanchez has been the target of physical and psychological abuse during his alleged seven-month relationship with Ricky. Ricky, for his part, has denied the claims, saying on Twitter, “The protection order entered against me is based on completely false allegations, so I will respond through the judicial process with the facts and the dignity that characterize me.”[via]

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