Quavo & Takeoff Tease New Single, Fans Notice Offset & Cardi B Unfollow Them

The rumor mill is lit up this evening (May 18) and the Migos are at center stage. The hitmakers have taken over the charts as a trio and as solo artists, but fans are dissecting recent social media moves that may lean toward there being an issue behind the scenes. The rappers are all relatives who have been as thick as thieves, but as many of you know, when people begin unfollowing one another online, the public jumps to conclusions. Recently, Quavo and Takeoff shared a teaser for their upcoming collaboration, “Hotel Lobby.” The visual looks to pay homage to Hunter S. Thompson’s classic Sin City novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and while the clip excited fans, some noticed a change.A few screenshots have surfaced and in them, Offset no longer follows Quavo and Takeoff on Instagram. In turn, the latter two don’t follow Offset, as well, and it seems that Cardi B has joined in. A quick search shows that Quavo and Takeoff have been deleted from her list, too. Additionally, “Hotel Lobby” has been teased under “Uncle & Phew” monikers.This all, of course, could be because of an entirely innocent reason, but social media users have taken to several platforms to speculate about potential animosity. Rumors about Migos breaking up are currently heating up, so check it out below.

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