Post Malone Deals With Betrayal On “Twelve Carat Toothache (Deluxe)” Track “Hateful”

Post Malone shared the deluxe version of his latest album, Twelve Carat Toothache, on Tuesday, featuring two new songs. The project now ends with the emotionally raw, “Hateful,” which sees Malone deal with the heartache of an unfaithful relationship.The track kicks off with his partner accusing him of lying, before Malone turns it back on them, claiming they also, “get off on betrayal.””Love is fuckin’ hateful,” Malone belts out on the powerful chorus.The new track should help carry the success of Twelve Carat Toothache through the week, as the project was already expected to move at least 115K – 130K copies in its debut. The other new song to be added is the second to last track, “Waiting for Never.” While there are no new features among the added tracks, the original album includes appearances from Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Gunna, and more. All together, Twelve Carat Toothache is loaded with hits, many of which ended up on this week’s Fire Emoji playlist.Check out “Hateful” below.Quotable Lyrics:Honey, you ain’t no angel, you know lovin’ is fatalYou get off on betrayal, I guess we are the same thoughWe could’ve taken this shit all the way to MarsIf we just played our parts

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