Pornstar Logan Long Reported Dead At 34 After Amassing 1,000+ Adult Film Credits

The adult entertainment community is mourning another untimely loss. Hardly more than two months after the passing of 24-year-old pornstar Angelina Please was announced, the NY Post reports that renowned X-rated entertainer Logan Long has also passed away at just 34 years old.Long is said to have died in a Los Angeles hospital after losing his battle with pneumonia. His friend and frequent collaborator Fallon West confirmed the tragic news to Adult Video News with a statement.Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images”He passed away at the hospital and doctors did everything they could,” the 32-year-old shared. “He was sick with pneumonia at the hospital and didn’t make it. I loved Logan with all my heart, and his family and I are grieving… It is devastating that [he’s] gone.”The provocative star was born on February 7th, 1988 in Toluca Lake, California. Before he dove headfirst into the world of porn, he worked as an entrepreneur, although he always felt called to explore other avenues. “I always knew that this is a good profession for me,” he told AVN of his 2016 venture into adult video.”I’ve owned two businesses in the past, and I just really didn’t feel like doing that anymore. Just wanted something in my normal everyday life, which is sex. And I felt like getting paid for it while I do it.”Several of Long’s friends and colleagues have spoken out about his passing, including Buttplug Betty, who tweeted, “I’ve watched the video of Logan Long peeing on me 5 times today. I’m so f*cking sad he was such a great guy.””Logan will be deeply missed. He was a fantastic performer and truly gifted at that. Not sure I’ll ever be able to collaborate with someone as good as he was,” producer and actor Mike Adriano chimed in.During his brief but impactful stint, Logan Long amassed more than 1,000 credits over the course of his six-years. RIP.[Via]

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