Playboi Carti Throws His Guitarist To The Ground During Live Show

Playboi Carti is easily one of the most turnt-up performers in hip-hop right now. His songs contain very obvious references to metal and punk which allows for plenty of moshing during his setlists. If you got a Carti show, you know the energy is going to be impeccable, and sometimes, you need to keep your head on a swivel, otherwise, you might get yourself into a bind. Carti’s guitarist learned that the hard way last night as he was performing with the rapper at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain. The Whole Lotta Red artist was in the midst of performing his song “Shoota” when all of a sudden, he grabbed hold of his guitarist and ultimately threw him to the ground, all while the crowd went crazy.There is no telling whether or not this was a part of the show or if the guitarist had done something that made Carti mad. Either way, it was quite the sight, and the Spanish fans seemed to be enjoying every minute of it, even if it may have hurt the performer.As you can see from the clips below, the show was a huge success for Carti, who had fans going crazy during his set. Eighteen months later and WLR still hits hard.Let us know what you think of the stunt, in the comments below. 

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