Playboi Carti Debuts New Cocktail Drink “The Hardscatto”

It looks like Playboi Carti just got into the alcohol business with his new line of cocktail drinks. This weekend, the rapper unveiled the Hardscatto beverage after joining Thomas Ashbourne’s team of celebrity founding partners which also includes John Cena and Vanessa Hudgens. The rapper’s Hardscatto beverage is a cocktail beverage infused with vodka and flavors of Muscat Blanc Grapes, peach, apricot, and elderflower. The 40-proof beverage is also kosher and gluten-free.Tabatha Fireman/Getty ImagesA commercial with Carti also debuted over the weekend where the rapper flexes his acting chops as he tells a sommelier, “You’ve been drinking trash!” That’s when his team hands over a bottle of Hardscatto, which they clarify isn’t wine. One sip of Hardscatto and the sommelier joins Carti and co. in their private room rager.Carti’s Hardscatto has yet to hit shelves but Thomas Ashbourne’s website did reveal the prices. 375ml bottles will retail for $43.99 while an 8-pack will be on shelves for $59.55.The launch of the new beverage arrives days after his incredibly brief performance at the Smoker’s Club Festival, where he and A$AP Rocky debuted a new collab. Fans attempted to storm the stage, breaking the barricade in the process and festival organizers swiftly pulled the plug. It doesn’t seem like anyone was harmed but there were reports that security was involved with a few altercations. 

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