Obie Trice Arrested For Allegedly Threatening Ex-Girlfriend: Report

Obie Trice had another run-in with the law last week. At the time of his arrest, little information was available except police said they charged him with using a phone to harass or threaten someone. Per TMZ, the rapper’s arrest stems from alleged threats toward his ex-girlfriend. Police said the former Shady Records artist threatened his girlfriend and her family through text messages.Scott Gries/Getty ImagesThe deputy chief of West Bloomfield Police Department, Curt Lawson, said that Obie Trice began sending threatening text messages to his ex-girlfriend after they split before reaching out to her family members. Lawson said that Trice also threatened her relatives via text message before showing up at their home unannounced on several occasions. From there, police got involved and warned him to stop. Police said that Obie continued his threats toward her family, and police got a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest. Obie Trice was booked on Thursday night and is currently being held on $10K bond. Obie Trice has faced his own issues with the law over the past few years. In 2020, the rapper was sentenced to 90 days in jail in connection to the shooting of his girlfriend’s son. His girlfriend at the time said that her son tried to intervene while she and Obie Trice were having a verbal dispute and the gun was discharged.We’ll keep you posted on anymore updates surrounding the case. [Via]

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