Nonso Amadi Taps Majid Jordan For New Single “Different”

It looks like Nonso Amadi might have a certified heater to add to your summer playlist. This week, the Nigerian-born singer delivered his new single, “Different” ft. Majid Jordan. The vibrant new single merges his penchant for afrobeats and R&B, and the addition of Majid Jordan to the record adds a futuristic element.”I had instant musical chemistry when I first met Majid & Jordan to work on songs. I found that every line I wrote, they would push me to go even further with it and be more descriptive in my words so as to paint a clear picture to the listener. To this date, I try to apply this movie-script-like method to every song. This was the case with “Different” and other songs we worked on,” Nonso Amadi said in a statement of his new collaboration with Majid Jordan.Check the song out below.Quotable LyricsShe not nice but she looking niceCold hearted I could break the iceThe moment I see you, yeah, yeahThere’s no way I’ll leave you, yeah, yeah

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