New Utah Jazz Jerseys Are The Pinnacle Of Hit Or Miss

Of all of the teams in the NBA, no one has gone through more rebrands than the Utah Jazz. While their 90s jerseys were their best, the team has changed colors on numerous occasions. In fact, some fans have been annoyed with this trend as they can’t seem to maintain an identity. They constantly swap between the Jazz motif and the mountain motif, with most fans preferring the mountain range of Salt Lake City, Utah.Just a few months ago, there were rumblings that the team was about to change its uniforms, and the leaks were not that nice. From yellow to black to white, the jerseys were plain and minimalist which had fans concerned that the team was going in the wrong direction again.Sarah Stier/Getty ImagesRecently, the Jazz unveiled their new jerseys with the help of Jordan Clarkson. As you can see down below, those aforementioned minimalist jerseys will be part of the lineup this season. Of course, this will disappoint fans, however, it isn’t all bad. The team will be bringing back the iconic purple mountain range jerseys, which should come as great news to fans.These are the uniforms that everyone loves, and we’re sure the Jazz players will be stoked to wear them. As for the minimalist ones, well, it remains to be seen whether or not those will grow on people.

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