NBA YoungBoy’s Mother DMs Tyler Perry For Movie Role

You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take, or so they say, and NBA YoungBoy’s mother has decided to take a chance. Deals are made and broken on social media every day as people have used platforms to help push forward their dreams, and it looks as if Sherhonda Gaulden wants to be a movie star—that is if it’s in one of Tyler Perry’s films. A screenshot of a DM was shared online showing that Gaulden slid in Perry’s DMs with a request to cast her in his next flick, although she did detail a major setback.”Dear mr Tyler Perry’s I think you should put me in a movie I have no acting skills are nothing like that buy you should just take a change on me,” she reportedly sent the filmmaker.This may seem like a farfetched idea, but Ms. Sherhonda isn’t the first to try to capture Perry’s attention publicly. Previously, there was a woman who took out billboards around Atlanta with her headshot, contact information, and a note for Perry to hire her. Later, she scored herself a victory after he cast her on one of his series. However, he did tell her next time, just save her money and audition like everyone else. No word on if YoungBoy’s mother caught Perry’s attention just yet. Check it out below.

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