NBA Youngboy Asks Fans To Buy Him Crocs, Demands They Leave Jaz Alone

NBA Youngboy’s been working but because of his agreement with the court, he’s refrained from being entirely active on social media. While it’s probably for the better, his means of communication with the fans is pretty minimal. Through friends and associates, he’s been able to relay messages to his supporters, whether that’s about new music or his disdain towards YouTubers.Scott Dudelson/Getty ImagesThe latest message from Youngboy came from his engineer, Jason “Cheese” Goldberg. This time, Youngboy had an interesting request that he wanted his fans to receive. “Hey bro can you tell your followers I’ll appreciate if one of them bought me some crocs (white) black inside?” NBA Youngboy wrote in one message. However, he also needed to make it clear that he doesn’t want anyone bringing up Jaz in the process. “And tell them dumb ass hoes don’t bring up my jaz if you can’t get the crocs bitch don’t comment just scroll,” he added. Needless to say, NBA Youngboy is very serious about his Crocs.In related news, Youngboy is currently preparing for the release of his forthcoming album, The Last Slimeto. He already blessed fans with a sample pack of records that he already dropped on YouTube. The 30-song project is due out later this year in August, so keep your eyes peeled for that.Check out Cheese’s Instagram post below. 

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