Nardo Wick’s XXL Freshman Freestyle Has Arrived: Watch

Nardo Wick is one of the more reserved personas among XXL’s 2022 Freshman inductees, though he didn’t hold back when it came time for him to spit some bars for the camera during his freestyle.The Florida native’s video arrived earlier today (June 21) and finds him sitting among rows of statues, wearing a flashy chain and distressed skinny jeans, wads of cash poking out of his pockets.Image via HNHH”I need a hat that say,’ Rated’ / I ain’t rush this, I waited / I blew up they hated / Play with me, your life I take it,” the 20-year-old spits. “I need a hat that say, ‘Rated,’ ’cause I’m underrated / I was in debt with attention, I had to pay it / I love my Amiri jeans, they keep me saturated / And I love my 7.62s, they keep me well-protected.”In an interview with XXL, Wick revealed that he spent his own freshman year of high school fantasizing about what it would be like to secure a spot among the other rappers on the annual life.”I used to be thinking what I would say in the freestyle, how I’d freestyle, shit like that. ‘I would have like that beat if I was on there,’ shit like that.”As the youngest name on this year’s list, the “Who Want Smoke?” hitmaker has a lot of pressure on his shoulders, but he appears to be up to the challenge of proving anyone that doubts him wrong.Check out Nardo Wick’s XXL Freshman freestyle below, and review the full round-up of 2022 inductees here.[Via]

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