Mike Tyson Flies Commercial Again After Previous Physical Altercation

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but Mike Tyson is not someone you’d want to cross. The boxer recently said that in his peak, he would need to have sex before a fight or else he’d kill his opponent.  Even though he’s getting older, that fighting instinct hasn’t disappeared, a fact which became abundantly clear when he got into a fight with a fellow passenger on a plane in April.In a new conversation with TMZ, Tyson swore that he wouldn’t let his aggressive side get the best of him again. He spoke to the outlet as it seemed he was on his way to another commercial flight at LAX.JC Olivera/Getty ImagesWhen asked if he was worried about who might be sitting behind him on the upcoming fight, Tyson said, “No way.” He went on to explain that he’s a new man. “You know about Tyson 2.0,” Tyson said, referring to his weed brand. “That’s what I’m about now, man. I’m all about Tyson 2.0.” He brushed off more questions about the incident, repeatedly turning the conversation back to his new marijuana project, going as far as to make the interviewer say the brand name with him.The incident in question happened on a JetBlue flight leaving from San Francisco in April. A fan named Melvin Townsend approached Tyson on the plane and asked him for a picture. Tyson took the photo, but the man continued to badger him and eventually threw a water bottle at him. This set the boxer off, and he began to wail on Townsend. At the end of the interview, Tyson was asked what celebrities should do when confronted by overzealous fans. His response was simple: “Love them.”[via]

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