Michael Vick Reveals If He Thinks Colin Kaepernick Can Come Back

Colin Kaepernick is seemingly getting more opportunities to show his skills off to NFL teams. Most recently, Kap got to work out with the Las Vegas Raiders who were reportedly impressed by his showing. The team has yet to give him a contract, however, there have been some co-signs from various Raiders players, including the likes of Derek Carr who would be thrilled about having Kap as his backup.While appearing on Outkick, former NFL quarterback Michael Vick spoke about the Kaepernick situation and whether or not he believes there is a path back to the NFL for the former 49er. As Vick explains, Kaepernick can certainly find himself back in the league, but he will have to settle for what he can get, role-wise. Jaime Crawford/Getty Images“I think it will happen in due time,” Vick said. “He’s been out the league a couple years and he hasn’t played in a long time, it’d probably be smart to just come in in a backup role, and just play that backup role for two or three years and, when you get an opportunity to start, you show that you can play. You win a series of games. You win five or six games.”It remains to be seen if Kaepernick will get a deal in the near future. He has been working hard on and off the field, but unfortunately, he has yet to find a new NFL home.Stay tuned to HNHH for more updates from the football world. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images[Via]

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