Michael Jordan Snubs Young Fans Looking To Get A Picture

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest athletes of all time and he is certainly the best to ever step on an NBA court. These days, Jordan tends to his business ventures such as being the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. He also has a NASCAR team called 23XI Racing which in just two seasons, already has two wins to its name.Jordan is one of those people who barely appear out in public, although when he does, he is mostly surrounded by other famous people where he cannot be accessed by the general public. However, there are rare instances where he is spotted by fans which is exactly what happened in a Charlotte parking garage the other day.Tim Nwachukwu/Getty ImagesIn the video clip below, you can see a few kids waiting in a parking garage while on scooters. As it turns out, the kids were waiting for LaMelo Ball to come out as they were hoping to get a picture or an autograph from them. Eventually, it was actually MJ who emerged from the building and as you can imagine, the kids were pretty hyped.They eventually asked Jordan for a picture, but in the end, he completely snubbed them as he simply said “no” before getting into his fancy sports car.It was a pretty hilarious scene, and the kids didn’t seem too upset about it. After all, meeting MJ will forever be a story they can tell their friends and future kids.

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